Choo Choo ("Chooch") is a sensitive pink cat, and the designated look-out of the gang. He's been shown playing a mean game of poker when not with the gang in the first episode, and presumably can be considered something of a card shark. He was voiced by Marvin Kaplan in the original series.


Chooch is a pink cat, with a cream colored muzzle, and a long, bushy tail. The tip of his tail is either white, or black, depending on the material. He also happens to be the tallest of the alley gang cats. He wears a white long-sleeve turtle-neck sweater, and is often depicted with angular eyes similar to that of a Siamese cat.


Choo Choo is enthusiastic and devoted to TC, even when he’s clueless as to any of TC's ulterior motives and schemes. He tends to be a sensitive, hopeless romantic, however unlike Top Cat or Fancy-Fancy, Choo Choo has no courage talking to girls. He tends to be rather prone to anxiety and insecurity, often doubting himself when it comes to potential mates.

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