Jazz (also known as "A.T."), is an antagonistic foil and rival to TC. He appears in the episode All That Jazz. He was voiced by Daws Butler. Beau is his red-furred, right-hand man.


Jazz is a tall, lanky cat with burnt orange-brown fur with a long, crooked tail. He wears a blue newsboy cap and a tan trench coat. His head shape is easily comparable to Spook's. He can be seen wearing a smug, sleazy grin for most of his appearances in the episode.


Much like TC, Jazz is a clever - though quite lazy - and conniving cat. He wants to be the new Top Cat around - so to speak - and is quite successful at bribing his way into the gang's favor, and was able to one-up TC at every opportunity available to him. Like TC, he is a quick-thinking conman who is able to scheme on the fly. However, in comparison Jazz tends to be a bit more malicious than TC is. Jazz is successfully able to convince Dibble that he is a much better person than TC by flattering and buttering him up - until Dibble catches Jazz on his phone, of course.


  • Jazz and Beau both made cameos at the start of Top Cat: The Movie.

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