Spook is a pool shark who, much like Fancy Fancy, tends to be a sweet-talking cat whose vernacular is based on that of a beatnik. In Top Cat: The Movie and Top Cat: Begins, however, his vernacular is based more on that of a surfer. Like Brain, he was voiced by Leo De Lyon in the original series.


Spook's fur is a shade of olive green or brown, depending on the material, with a creamy peach-colored muzzle. He's rather stout, being one of the two thicker cats in the gang. He wears a gently used black tie, that seems to have a bit of tearing damage at the ends..


He is a rather relaxed free spirit whose speech pattern and vernacular is based on the common stereotypical depiction of a 60s beatnik. He very rarely shows too drastic of a reaction to anything, in comparison to his friends, and seems to be rather capable of rolling with the punches. Additionally, he seems to has an affinity for dance and music, as he is often found participating in activities related to the two.

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