Top Cat ("T.C.") is titular leader of the gang. He is a confidence man (conman) who often rips off and/or tricks those around him, including his gang and Officer Dibble. He is voiced by Arnold Stang in the style of Phil Silvers (Sgt Bilko) in the original series. 


TC is a creamy yellow-furred alley-cat with a white muzzle, four whiskers, and a rather long tail. He can usually be seen wearing a tyrian purple vest and matching pork pie hat. Though his eyes are colored a stylistic black in the series and official art, he implies that his eyes are a golden color.


He is a rather greedy, smooth-talking, conniving, and comical cat, though often incredibly lazy and will attempt anything to make a quick profit without actually getting a job. TC is almost always able to worm his way out of trouble, often by tricking or otherwise flattering Officer Dibble. He is quite clever, often coming up with schemes on the fly, and is considered to be wise by his gang. Though he often takes advantage of or tries to take credit for the achievements of his peers, he does often respect the efforts his gang go through for him and genuinely cares for them and their well-being.



Myra is Top Cat's sister, mentioned in the Big Golden Book Top Cat story. TC mentions that he thinks that she is a worrywart, and he tells her that he is rich and lives in a mansion because he fears that she would never sleep again if she knew the truth about where he lives.


Myra's son, and Top Cat's nephew. Sheldon looks up to Top Cat quite a bit and in turn TC is a little protective of the kitten. He is saddened by the idea of letting Sheldon down, and tears up a little when he thinks that he might have. In the story, When Top Cat thinks he is in trouble he asks Sheldon not to think too harshly of him.


Top Cat's cousin and ex-coworker. Top Cat doesn't seem to like Shifty very much, as when he is informed that Shifty is coming to visit and gets somewhat upset. While Shifty is excited to see his cousin, TC is visibly irritable and impatient when the two interact.

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  • In The Unscratchables, he and Benny the Ball briefly talk about how they met each other in the Boy Scouts.