Trixie (presumably short for "Beatrix") is a female cat appearing in Top Cat: The Movie who initially works of Lou Strickland as his secretary. After she discovers Strickland's ulterior motives, she decides to help Officer Dibble and free Top Cat.


She is a slightly curvy blue-grey cat and a peach-colored muzzle. Trixie's eyes appear to be almond-shaped, with winged eyeliner to accent the shape. Her ginger hair is swept to the side, with a bob cut. She wears a mauve-colored woman's business suit, with what appears to be a lavender long-sleeved shirt underneath.


Trixie is rather professional and business-minded individual, though appearing to have classist beliefs. She claims that she doesn't "date anyone from the alley." Despite this, she does seem to believe in doing the right thing and eventually double-crosses Strickland to help TC and the gang. She has a rather calm, collected, and pleasant manner of speaking. However, she's not above manipulating others in order to further whatever goals she has in mind or any goals of who she allies herself with at the moment - evidenced by her hand in framing Top Cat for a crime he didn't commit.


  • Trixie's character design resemble's one of Fancy Fancy's brief romances, Shirley.